Frequently Asked Questions


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You can make investments, buy and sell digital gold or silver assets.

We have different types of investment packages in the investment section. You can also buy or sell gold/silver at spot prices in digital format or invest your money for returns after a specified period based on our terms of investment.

You can buy or sell at anytime, 7 days a week, 24hours a day.

You can either make payment with your card or do bank transfer to our account through your bank account. After deposit has been confirmed your wallet will be credited by the admin. Only card payment are automatically credited by the system.

Increment of Existing Investment can only be done on due date. Any Additional Investment after existing one shall be treated as a Separate Investment.

The minimum amount you can buy for gold/silver is determined by you and it will be purchased at the spot price for gold/silver at the moment the purchase is being processed. Since it is stored digitally you can place order of any amount.

You can top-up you Gold/Silver asset account at any time you so desire by buying additional gold/silver to add to the one you already have.

The current rate on interest is 4% monthly accrued over the investment timeframe selected at the time investment is made. The rates may change depending market situation.

Yes. You can invest any amount between 50,000 Naira (Fifty Thousand Naira) and 100,000,000 Naira (One Hundred Million Naira).

All investment takes a minimum of 6 months to mature. An investor has the option of choosing six months, nine months or 12 months investment period.

Once a withdrawal request has been submitted and received by the admin, Investor will receive funds within 24-48 hours to his/her specified bank account.

You can liquidate you Gold/Silver asset by selling it in the trade section of the app/website. Funds will go to your wallet where you can request for a withdrawal to your bank account.

An investor cannot request for withdrawal before maturity. Withdrawal requests will only be processed after maturity of investment.